Categories of membership

A.  Professional membership (individual, corporate and chambers)

B.  Special membership:

(a) new professional (i.e., first three years after graduation);
(b) full-time academic;*
(c) public sector (e.g., judges, government counsel, staff of NGOs/IGOs);*
(d) African nationals (2015-2017); and
(e) Former Young ICCA Members (for first two years of their ICCA Membership)

* Open to those specialists who earn no significant fees as arbitrator or counsel.

Membership contribution

A. Professional membership:

  • Individual: EUR 350
  • Corporate or Chambers: EUR 1200 (for up to 4 members)
  • Additional corporate or chambers member: EUR 300 (above initial 4 members)

B. Special membership: EUR 175

Steps in the application process

  • Applicants submit an application form online
  • Applications are reviewed by the ICCA Governing Board*
  • Successful applicants are provided with log-in details for the member-only website features and with payment details
  • Membership is for the twelve consecutive months after membership has been confirmed

 *The ICCA Governing Board reserves the right to deny membership in its sole discretion if circumstances so require. 

Membership of ICCA

Membership of the non-governmental organisation ICCA is open to all dispute resolution specialists.
The general ICCA membership is headed by a Governing Board of up to 40 recognized specialists in the field of dispute resolution from all parts of the world, drawn from the general membership.

Benefits of ICCA membership

All members of the ICCA NGO are entitled to the following membership benefits:

ICCA members are also entitled to take part in the activities of ICCA projects, and are eligible for appointment to the ICCA Governing Board.

Corporate or Chambers Application Form

Applicants for Corporate or Chambers Membership (for up to 4 members) should use the PDF application form (to be downloaded here) and submit it via email to To register an additional corporate or chambers member (in addition to 4 members), please contact

Individual Application Form

To apply for individual membership, please submit the following online application.

All Current Nationalities


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In-house Counsel
Public Sector
Young ICCA (under 40 years of age)

PLEASE NOTE: Should your ICCA Membership Application be accepted, the details that you provide in this application form will make up your profile in the ICCA Membership Directory. Please ensure that you fill in your details as you would like them to appear in the ICCA Membership Directory; i.e. enter your name and contact information as you would like it displayed in the Membership Directory. 

Members Annual Hard Copy Directory

Full contact details will be published in the annual ICCA hard copy membership directory, which will be sent to all ICCA members by mail.

Contact details may also be published in the ICCA online membership directory.

When applying for membership, applicants should indicate whether or not they prefer to have their contact details published online. 

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