International Arbitration: the Coming of a New Age?

Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore: 10-13 June 2012

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Breakout Session C3

12 June 2012 - (09.00 – 12.15)

The relationship between international arbitration and the regulator(s): the need for ethical codes, guidelines and best practices for arbitration counsel , arbitrators, arbitral secretaries and arbitral institutions: the DB/MS Rio Code, the ILA Code and the CCBE draft Code.

Principal Moderator: Bernard Hanotiau (Belgium)
Rapporteur: Doak Bishop (USA)
Rapporteur: Toby Landau (UK)
Second Moderator: Min Xiaomao (Singapore)
Second Moderator: J. Romesh Weeramantry (Hong Kong)