MIAMI 2014 Film Coverage

Legitimacy: Myths, Challenges, Realities

InterContinental Hotel Miami
Miami: 6-9 April 2014

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Precision Stream A3
Matters of Evidence: Witness and Experts

8 April 2014 - (08:45 - 10:00)

Witness statements and expert reports tell the story, but whose story is it to be told? How rigorous are tribunals in “gating” witnesses? This session will explore the “do’s and don’ts” of drafting witness statements; whether the weight given to statements should vary and, if so, precisely why; and the impact of witness nonappearance on the admissibility and weight of testimony. It will also examine parallel questions for experts and expert reports.

Nathalie Voser (Zurich)

Santiago Dellepiane (New York)
Judith Levine (The Hague)
Howard Rosen (Toronto)
Laurence Shore (New York)

Nicholas Lingard (Tokyo)