HK Summit 2015 Film Coverage

Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
13 May 2015

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Session 3: Breakout Session II

Do Anti-Corruption Investigations and Anti-Bribery Legislation Influence or Affect International Arbitration?

Corruption has become a policy priority for the development community and many states have enacted anti-bribery legislations to prohibit investors from engaging in corrupt practices in developing countries. There have been cases where allegations of corruption have been raised in investment treaty arbitrations. Is it possible for violations of domestic anti-corruption legislations influence the outcomes of international investment arbitrations and should that be the case?

Scene Setter:
 • Christopher Stephens, Asian Development Bank

 • Robert Pé, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

 • AB Mahmoud, Dikko & Mahmoud
 • Ellen Gracie Northfleet, Independent Arbitrator
 • Kate Yin, Fangda Partners

 • Catherine Duggan, Harvard Business School