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Party-Appointed Arbitrators
in International Commercial Arbitration International Arbitration Law Library, Volume 34 (Kluwer Law International 2016)

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Yves Fortier, "International Arbitration and the Argentine Cases: An Evaluation of 10 Years of Arbitration - Institutional Aspects" 6 World Arbitration & Mediation Review (2012, no.3) pp. 545-559 by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, CC, QC (Ogilvy Renault, LLP, Quebec, Canada)
Mesdames, gentlemen, it is a privilege for me to be here with you today as part of this prestigious faculty of speakers and, in particular, to share this panel with Professor Alvarez. We have collectively been presented with a very challenging task. The sovereign debt crisis experienced by Argentina over a decade ago has given rise to serious questions concerning the adequacy of the institutions and norms that govern the resolution of international investment disputes, to address disputes such as those that have arisen from Argentina’s management of its financial crisis. These questions are all the more urgent in our present global financial climate. Indeed, the financial woes that most Western States have experienced over the past several years are far from over. I am thinking, in particular, of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy, each one of which may act to stabilize its economy, cause damage to international investors and add to ICSID’s docket. The past is therefore prologue, and the implications of our “stocktaking” exercise today are potentially more far-reaching than the Argentina cases.
Yves Fortier, "La nouvelle loi française sur l’arbitrage : vues d’Outre-Atlantique" (address delivered to Association Française de l'Arbitrage, September 2011, Paris). by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, CC, QC (Ogilvy Renault, LLP, Quebec, Canada)
In this paper, Canadian arbitrator Yves Fortier discusses the 2011 amendments to French arbitration legislation, which has been characterised as "one of the most arbitration-friendly pieces of legislation conceivable".
Yves Fortier, “The Occasionally Unwarranted Assumption of Confidentiality”, 15 Arbitration International, p. 131 (1999) by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, CC, QC (Ogilvy Renault, LLP, Quebec, Canada)
The principle of confidentiality in arbitrations: inclusion of confidentiality provisions in rules of procedure and/or contractual clauses.
Yves Fortier, “Arbitrability of Disputes" in Global Reflections on International Law, Commerce and Dispute Resolution: Liber Amicorum in Honor of Robert Briner (Gerald Atkins, et al eds., 2005) p. 269 by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, CC, QC (Ogilvy Renault, LLP, Quebec, Canada)
The issue of arbitrability: how State courts draw the line between arbitrable and non-arbitrable disputes on the basis of two distinct policy objectives. Also available in ICC DRL, see
Yves Fortier, “Arbitrating in the Age of Investment Treaty Disputes”, 31 (1) The University of Southern Wales Law Journal (2008) by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, CC, QC (Ogilvy Renault, LLP, Quebec, Canada)
Arbitration for disputes in the investor-state context: the tension between privacy and confidentiality on the one hand and the public interest in the transparency of such disputes on the other hand.
Yves Fortier, “Interim Measures: An Arbitrator’s Provisional View” (lecture delivered at the Fordham Law School Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation, New York (6 June 2008) by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, CC, QC (Ogilvy Renault, LLP, Quebec, Canada)
Interim measures in investor-state arbitration: the binding nature of an interim measure and the influence of the sovereign character of a State party to an arbitration.