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Past Events 2015

27 November 2015: Sydney, Australia: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop

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26 November 2015: Lagos, Nigeria: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop

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22 October 2015: Vancouver, Canada: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop 

15 October 2015: Mexico City, Mexico: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop

Young ICCA and the University of Miami International Arbitration Institute held an arbitration skills training workshop at the Club de Industriales in Mexico City on October 15, 2015. Approximately forty young arbitration practitioners attended, with very diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, including junior and mid-level law firm practitioners, students and LLM graduates, as well as representatives from the government and in-house counsel.

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10 October 2015: Tbilisi, Georgia: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop within the GIAC Arbitration Days.

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1 October 2015 : São Paulo, Brazil: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop

18 September 2015, Cyprus: International Arbitration Conference in Cyprus. Co-sponsored with ICDR Y&I, ICCA, Young ICCA, ICC YAF

On 18 September 2015, a joint ICDR Y&I, ICCA, Young ICCA and ICC YAF international arbitration conference was successfully held in Paphos, Cyprus. The conference, with title “The Practice of International Arbitration”, was the first conference in Cyprus to be co-organized by ICDR Y&I, ICCA, Young ICCA and ICC YAF.

The conference provided an overview of the practice of international arbitration, including recent issues arising therefrom, from the perspectives of the arbitral tribunal, counsel, the arbitral secretary and the arbitral institutions. The speakers and moderators included 22 distinguished international arbitration practitioners and academics from 13 countries, including Cyprus.

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17 September 2015 : Nairobi, Kenya: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop

16 June 2015: Houston: Skills training workshop. Witness Examination in International Arbitration

On Tuesday, 16 June 2015, Young ICCA organized a panel of distinguished practitioners and speakers at King & Spalding office in Houston, Texas to discuss the critical skills needed to conduct cross-examination of both fact and expert witnesses in international arbitration. Approximately twenty-five young arbitration professionals were present to learn about the theory and practicalities of cross-examination – and braved Tropical Storm Bill (which was making its way through Texas) to do it.

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10 June 2015: The Hague, The Netherlands: Peace Palace Seminar: Advocacy in International Arbitration

Professor Martin Hunter gave young practitioners from various backgrounds invaluable advice on effective advocacy in international arbitration.

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3 June: Singapore. Managing Cross Cultural Issues in International Arbitration

14 May 2015: Hong Kong: Skills Training Workshop. Expert Witnesses

9 May 2015, Beijing: Tsinghua University Panel Discussion

Getting Into and Getting Ahead in International Arbitration

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9-10 April 2015: Boston: Harvard International Arbitration Conference

Presented by the HIALSA

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9 April 2015: Philadelphia: Corruption and International Arbitration

Presented by the Penn Law International Arbitration Association

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24 March 2015: Manama: Skills Training Workshop. Arbitration in the Middle East: The Issues, The Benefits, The Challenges

5 March 2015: New York: Skills training workshop. Working with Clients in International Arbitration – a Young Practitioner’s ‘How To’ Guide

9 February 2015: London: Perspectives on the Use of Arbitral Secretaries: A Debate and Discussion

30 January 2015, Brussels: Young ICCA Skills Training Workshop

20 January 2015, Warsaw: Young Arbitration Conference